T-P sparkling wine

Dès : 5.00 /g

Mousseux T-P is a magnificent soft, foamy resin that's very easy to use. Its golden colour makes it very special, and its slightly earthy smell will remind you of the resins of yesteryear.

During its preparation, we add 5% of THCP, which ensures good relaxation.

A rather strong and immediate effect, so it is recommended to use it at the end of the day, or in the evening. Clearly a hash that will please all our customers who are looking for a resin with effect.

  • Culture : Indoor
  • Origin of the flowers: Switzerland, organic farming
  • Effects: powerful
THC 0.25 %
CBD  25 %
T-P 5 %
Culture Indoor


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sparkling hash thcp
T-P sparkling wine
Dès : 5.00 /g Select options