CBD oil broad spectrum and full spectrum: What are the differences and which product to choose?

CBD oil broad spectrum and full spectrum

Following the expansion of CBD in recent years, you can find a wide range of products: flowers, resins, candies, or oils. It is on the latter that we will focus in this article.

You must be wondering when you see all the products available, broad spectrums, full spectrums, isolates, etc. We will help you to understand the differences between all these products.

The CBD is only one of the active molecules present in hemp. Indeed, this flower contains more than a hundred different cannabinoids, but also terpenes, flavonoids, etc... There are several methods to extract the active ingredients from hemp. Each of these methods can extract a more or less wide spectrum of molecules. Hence the difference between CBD full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate.

What is full spectrum CBD?

This form of CBD in oil is more commonly known as full spectrum CBD. It is simply a complete extraction of all the soluble molecules of the hemp plant. So you'll find CBD, other types of cannabinoids (CBN, CBG), as well as terpenes, flavonoids, and traces of THC. But don't worry, this CBD is extracted from hemp varieties containing little or no THC, and therefore complies with current legislation. The good thing about this full spectrum CBD is that it allows you to choose from a wide range of flavours and aromas, so you can find a product that suits your needs. But its main quality is that it allows you to benefit from a synergy between the different components of hemp to amplify the effects of the cannabinoids.

And the broad spectrum then?

There is very little difference between full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD. The main difference is that broad spectrum CBD contains no traces of THC, the psychotropic molecule in cannabis. The CBD extraction process is exactly the same in both types, and you will still be able to enjoy all the components of the hemp flower, even with CBD broad spectrum. The cannabinoid effects will therefore be present as well.

So what should you choose? You are advised to consult your doctor who will recommend the best use of your CBD oil. But what you can remember is that if you use CBD oil for recreational purposes, you will probably enjoy CBD full spectrum more. Whereas if you use your CBD oil As a supplement to your treatment, or as a relief, CBD broad spectrum will suit you perfectly.


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