Is driving after CBD consumption allowed?

Can you drive after consuming CBD?

There is currently no law that prohibits driving after using CBD. However, its relaxing effects can reduce alertness on the road and therefore create a threat.

What is the legal status between CBD use and grip on the steering wheel.

In France, it is tolerated to buy and consume Cannabidiol as long as the percentage of THC does not exceed 0.2%. However, if you face a police control or gendarmerie, THC will be the molecule that will pose a problem. If your saliva test proves positive, you can face up to 6 points on your driving licence, a maximum fine of 4,500 euros and, in the worst case, two years in prison.

To avoid this problem, it is wise to adopt a CBD without any THC residue. It is also recommended to use a CBD product in good condition whose origin can be traced, guaranteeing that the indicated THC percentage is indeed honored. Remember also that while it is simple to control what you consume via CBD oil or by ingesting a candy, the result is much less certain if the consumption is done by combustion or vaporization.

To recap, it is not legally prohibited to consume CBD before driving. However, if there is even a tiny presence of THC in your system, it may be enough to make you fine. It usually takes between 5-7 hours for there to be no trace of THC left in your system.

After how many hours can I drive after taking CBD?

Generally, the minimal traces of THC that are in the CBD (0.2%) dissipate after about 6 hours. It is therefore necessary to wait for this time before being able to drive safely.

If you work normal hours and drive to work, it is recommended that you consume cannabis It is best to use the therapy at the end of the day or in the evening.

Side effects of CBD and driving

CBD has no psychotropic effect, however, it can induce drowsiness in some people. While it does provide a sense of well-being, this may be accompanied by a feeling of sleepiness. If you have consumed CBD and you feel tired, do not drive!

Even if a state of light lethargy with cannabidiol products is not systematic, you understand well why you should not drive, as vigilance can be impaired. Between the risk of a road accident and a positive cannabis test, there is no need to procrastinate! When driving a car, motorcycle or any other vehicle, CBD should not be used !

If you value your driving license, your health and the safety of other road users, save your electronic cigarette containing CBD e-liquid for later. Nothing prevents you from vaping once you arrive at your destination, as long as you are not going to drive again for several hours.

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