Hawaiian Haze Greenhouse

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Dès : 2.55 /g

Hawaiian Haze is a variety of cannabis CBD tropical and exotic, which lives up to its name by giving you fresh and stimulating sensations.
Our Hawaiian Haze will send you into a warm-hearted paradiseIt is reminiscent of holidays and the sun. The aromas come in complex waves of nuanced scents that hit you one after the other.
At first you'll get a sour pineapple scent that turns into freshly cut mango and pine. After the sweet and sour aromas fade, you'll get a light floral finish. A refreshing and energizing strain that will give you a boost!

Our varieties are of a rate of 0.2% of THC, what is of course lower than the rate authorized for the flowers of CBD in Switzerland notably. To feel the smell and terpenes, it is important that you press your flower and crush it a little, which will bring out all the flavors and scents.

THC 0.13%
CBD  11 %
CBG 0.10%
Culture Hybrid

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